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Did you know that when done correctly, online marketing can not only draw in millions of new customers, but also help you retain your existing ones? 

So if you’re not seeing any results from your current online marketing campaign, it could be time to call in Net Business Advisor...the Digital Marketing professionals.

Many businesses, especially those just starting out online, find the sheer range of digital marketing methods both confusing and overwhelming. How do you know which techniques you should be focusing on? Should you be utilizing all of them into your campaigns or should you only be focusing on one or two techniques? 

The truth is, it depends upon the type of business you are running and what you hope to accomplish in the end. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to online marketing. In order to be effective, it needs to be tailored to the needs of each individual business. 

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With 15 years In the industry, our expert and friendly team of digital marketing professionals can help both large and small businesses connect with more consumers and increase revenue. 

Whether you’re looking to simply build a strong social media presence or you want to directly increase sales via search engine marketing, our specialized teams will utilize the latest digital marketing tools and strategies to help you achieve your specific goals.

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* Email Marketing
* Content Marketing
* Pay Per Click Advertising
* Search Engine Optimization
* Link Building
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Digital marketing is proven to help companies just like yours increase conversions, generate repeat traffic, and expand their overall online visibility.

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What is online marketing and why is it important?

Online marketing (also known as digital marketing) is a term used to describe branding, advertising and marketing over the internet. It involves a number of different techniques and can be used to market a website, blog or individual products and services. Just some internet marketing techniques include social media marketing, content marketing, pay per click marketing, and search engine optimization. 

It’s important because consumers use the internet more than ever to find out information about specific businesses. So if your company doesn’t have a strong digital presence, you’re losing business to your competitors.

Why should I hire a professional company when I can do it myself?

While it is possible to go it alone and carry out your own digital marketing campaign, it’s extremely difficult and time consuming for the average person. A professional company such as Net Business Advisor has years of experience and knowledge on the latest digital marketing techniques. We know what works and, most importantly, what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing a business online. 

Hiring a professional frees up time that you can spend on the day to day operations of your business, while we work behinds the scenes to help you generate a significant higher number of new leads and customers.  

Will it take a long time to see results?

The time it takes to see results will be determined by a number of factors, such as where your business stands right now, the specific techniques used in your strategy, and your end goal. Some businesses see results within a matter of days, for others it takes months.  

Which online marketing methods will you be using for my business?

We use a wide range of online marketing strategies. The ones we use for your business will depend upon your requirements. We offer a free consultation where we’ll determine your needs and then we’ll put together an online marketing strategy to suit it. Whether that’s content marketing and a social media marketing campaign, or helping you to get the most out of paid search marketing.  

Is online marketing and SEO the same thing?

Online marketing encompasses a wide variety of strategies, but one of the most common types is SEO. Short for Search Engine Optimization, its goal is to ensure search engines can find you by making sure your website and other digital properties are optimized with the right keyword terms and other optimization features.

How much will it cost?

As we tailor our services to meet the needs of each company, the costs can vary significantly. During your free consultation, we’ll do a thorough analysis of where you stand right now and what you hope to achieve. Then, we’ll provide a quote so you know exactly what to expect before you hire us. 
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A Powerfull Look For 2020

3 Local Marketing Stats And What 
They Mean For Your Business

Thinking of focusing more of your marketing efforts on local search but you’re not sure if it’s worthwhile? Consumers have been using the internet to search for information for well over a decade. Search engines have revolutionized the way we handle everyday life. During this journey, location-based searching has shown steady growth as well.  
Location-based searching is the practice of searching for a product, service, or business based on location.  Couple this with the fact that mobile usage has grown exponentially in recent years, you can only image how this has impacted the level of local searches performed by consumers. 
Both local and mobile consumer buying habits have had significant impacts on the marketing world and are becoming more popular as time goes on. Here are some statistics you may not know and what they mean for your business:
1. Most local consumers use local information in ads 
Google actually carried out a survey into local search behavior and the results showed over 60% of consumers wanted ads to be customized based upon their location. Around 61% prefer ads that are customized to their exact location, while 67% want them to be customized to include at least their zip code and city. 
So what does this mean? It means your business needs to ensure that the ads you place are extremely targeted by making uses of location extensions.    
2. Nearly 70% Of Consumers Use “Call” Or “Get Directions”
If you’re wondering just how important it is to list your phone number and address, this statistic clears it up. With this amount of smartphone users claiming to use the “call” and “get directions” feature on Google, your business is seriously missing out if your details aren’t included in your Google My Business profile. Double check to make sure your address and phone number are correct. Also, claim and optimize your listing for even better results.
3. Mobile Searches Lead to Action FAST
Another very interesting fact is that 70% of searches on mobile devices are followed up with an action within one hour.
Even more importantly, a significant 50% of consumers who carry out a local business search on their smartphone or tablet, visit the company’s store within one day. 
So not only are potential customers carrying out more local searches, they’re also following up on their search. You know what this means… If your company wants to connect with SERIOUS potential buyers, your local listing has to be up to par and ready to give these consumers the information they need. In other words, make it easy for them to buy from you.
As you can see from the information above, local search has become extremely popular in recent years. It’s driving in a lot more local consumers, not only to company websites, but into physical company doors.  
So if you’re looking to draw in new customers, increase website traffic, and boost profits, local search is definitely your first order of business.